Sunday, February 9, 2014

Blackfish...the first of many opinions

I have a lot of opinions and a lot to say.  Maybe a little bit unpopular or controversial...oops?!  
This is my first blog, so bear with me. 
Tonight I watched the documentary, "Blackfish".  As I was watching, and giving my legitimate and potentially unpopular opinions, my very lovely BF asked me "are you going to blog about this?".  By "blog about this" he was speaking of the ever inspirational posts that I make on FB, that he sometimes has to endure the 'likes' of.  I started thinking about how I am consistently wondering what I'm going to post, as I'm eating, watching, drinking, talking.  Maybe I should blog.  Maybe I gained my confidence while watching The Carrie Diaries this week.  I don't know.  Maybe it came from uprooting the few notes I saved from my favorite teacher ever, who happened to be one of my HS English teachers.  I have a lot of opinions, some or maybe most, of which are not of the popular kind.  I like to promote discussions.  I almost always have a rebuttal.  I don't want you to choose my side because I'm smart, or because of my familial background.  I want you to form your own opinion or to prove something to me, to form a healthy discussion about what  
Back to Blackfish...I was dumbfounded, which I'm sure is the feeling that most of the viewers were experiencing as they watched this whale of a documentary (pun intended).  I realized I may, once again, have the unlikely opinion or feelings toward the issues being presented.  Yes, it was sad.  Yes, it was cruel.  But, HUMANS suck!  Period.  I could argue so many issues that were presented as to why these animals are the way they are.  People...people suck.  People teach hate, aggression, negativity.  People taught those beautiful animals to be exactly like humans.  Humans hate, they fight, they're aggressive in uncomfortable environments.  People, they do the same things those whales did, in unfamiliar environments...we should absolutely tell every single gosh darn person that they are no longer allowed in any situation that would be out of the norm for them.  Let's solve all of the world's problems.  Everyone is only allowed to be in the exact environment they were born or "meant to be" in.  Don't move, don't may experience something that isn't normal...someone may have an impact on you that will cause you to be obnoxious.  I'm not saying these animals weren't abused.  I wholeheartedly agree that things were not as they should be, when these whales attacked.  When you go to Sea World, you know animals are being held in captivity, yet you still go.  Why do you suddenly watch a documentary about a few instances where the gorgeous, typically wild, animals attack a human, and decide that you refuse to pay a visit?  I love places that are willing take a suffering wild animal in to captivity to nurture and heal said animal.  Do you visit Zoos?  Do you keep your dog in a kennel?  If you decide to boycott Sea World on the basis of one documentary, then boycott every single zoo, animal shelter, pet store or any place that could potentially be considered as a place that holds any sort of animal in captivity.  Don't buy an animal from a pet store (ok, that's a separate blog).  Be 100% about your cause, don't half-ass the movement, give it your all and support it for everything that it is.  I hate that this ginormous, beautiful whale was treated the way he his own kind even...and I hate that the mistreatment wasn't caught on to, by his humans.  Animals that are in "captivity" rely on their humans.  At a young age, we are taught a lot.  Animals are the same.  We can teach them to obey, to do tricks, etc.  This is easily displayed during the documentary.  We also don't always provide the proper outlets for animals.  Any "pet" can attack.  Let's get rid of cats and dogs and only allow them to be in the wild because that's where they originally came from.  Cats and dogs attack, sometimes because of genetics, a lot of times because of owners.  
I also had a hard time with the way the former employees chatted about their employer.  Do you immediately go in to a job and ask about every single incident that has happened while an employee has been working for the company?  If so, I would love to see someone's reaction when they hear that I ended up in the ER, 9 stitches in my thumb, lots of pain, and probably permanent numbness...from working in a Credit Union!  All jobs come with certain risks.  You may not immediately know all of the background involved, but when you go to Sea World, you know you are working with potentially dangerous animals.  THAT IS WHAT YOU SIGNED UP FOR!  You may have even signed a document stating that you know the risks and you are OK with said risks.  I believe that every SINGLE person that was injured by a whale at Sea World, was injured while doing something they loved.  
Whale researchers, really?!  You have to have been in immediate contact with the animals to absolutely have an exact observation.  You don't watch a whale, while traveling on a boat, and suddenly become an expert.  I've seen a whale in the ocean a few times, I guess I'm a whale researcher now.  
I guess what I'm trying to say is...don't give up on everything because you see one bad thing.  Do I absolutely agree with everything that happens at Sea World, or the likes, NO!  Do I think you can love doing something that is potentially hazardous to your health/life...absolutely.  People post so much blame to few individuals, when they ultimately have little facts.  It sucks!  Let's all give up on everyone.
So that's my first blog...I have so many things that I would love to write about.  Some controversial, some just for the absolutely freaking fun of it.  I have experienced a lot in my "almost" (sigh) 28 years of life.  I don't claim to know everything and love engaging in intellectual conversations.  I don't claim to be a perfect writer either, but it makes me happy to express myself.

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